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Industrial alliance for the sustainable use of paper

About Us

IPR is the German national industrial alliance for the sustainable use of paper (Initiative Pro Recyclingpapier) and was founded on August 23rd, 2000. Today, IPR has 25 member companies from different industrial sectors. The purpose of the alliance is to increase the popularity and reputation of recycled paper and promote its use as an alternative to virgin fibre paper. The main focus of the alliance is on creating a positive attitude towards the use of recycled paper in offices through increased awareness and acceptance. Companies and public institutions are encouraged to switch to recycled paper for all correspondence and corporate publications.

Notable partners in the industrial alliance include the German Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB), the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), the Association of German Cities, the German Federal Environmental Foundation, as well as consumer and environment protection organisations, such as and the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU).

IPR’s primary goal is the promotion of sustainable economic management and a continuous increase in the acceptance for recycled paper. Our members and supporters therefore stand for comprehensive eco-friendly solutions and strategies that include climate protection, resource conservation and the preservation of biodiversity.

Since its establishment in 2000, IPR has succeeded in bringing recycled paper and its advantages into the public sector. Public information campaigns and individualised advice have helped call attention to the issue and eliminate or lessen preconceptions. Not least because of our unremitting effort, the amount of recycled paper used in offices has increased from 7 to 14 percent over the last 15 years. This continues to increase each year as more companies, public authorities and consumers change and adapt to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


Our Goals

  • Improve awareness for and acceptance of recycled paper and help change consumers’ attitude and behaviour towards it.
  • Engage the economic, scientific, political and environmental sectors in dialogue with governmental and other public bodies with the aim of creating an interests-based network.
  • Raise awareness among governments, political and economic decision makers for the ecological advantages and potentials of recycled paper and paper recycling.
  • Promote eco-friendly consumption of recycled paper and the effective use of paper as a commodity in general, thereby contributing towards the conservation of our natural resources and climate protection.
  • IPR strongly believes these goals can be achieved together with those innovative companies already committed to an intelligent balance of economic and ecological aspects.


Our Members

Numerous major German companies have joined forces in the IPR industrial alliance to promote the acceptance and wider use of recycled paper. Members acknowledge the principals and goals of the IPR and are committed to incorporating the 5-point-declaration into their corporate philosophies.