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Paper Atlas

In its annual Paper Atlas, IPR publishes the latest recycling-paper ratios of German cities. The project also awards a prize to the city with the highest recycling paper ratio, or rate of increase, at a ceremony held in Berlin. Partners include the Federal Environment Ministry, the Association of German cities and the Federal Environment Agency. On average, more than 80 % of the cities take part in the competition. Between 2010 and 2015 local authorities increased their proportion of recycling paper by around 20 % to more than 84 percent.



CEOs pro recycling paper

IPR honours as trendsetters und best-case models, those CEOs of major companies who have personally committed to concrete goals for using more recycling paper. Using the example of recycling paper and with more than 75 CEOs, the German business sector has succeeded in establishing a unique initiative to protect our natural resources. The campaign has the support of the German Minster of the environment, the Presidents of the Club of Rome, as well as NABU, Germany.



Buy green

IPR actively supports the German government’s programme of sustainability measures, in which federal authorities are required to use 90 % recycling paper by the end of 2015. Federal authorities reaching this goal earlier will be publically acknowledged as exemplary public authorities. More than 50 % of all federal agencies have already agreed to participate in the campaign and announced their intention through IPR. Many more institutions such as universities and public utilities have also taken the opportunity to switch to recycling paper and joined the campaign.